Brauner Bär


Agency  Ligalux
Role Art Direction
— February  2017

Fans of the cult ice Brauner Bär longed for his return. With a brand new packaging, the Brauner Bär made a comeback befitting the legendary caramel core.

The new packaging. The challenge: The ice, which originates from the 1970s and which has become legendary thanks to its unique caramel core, is prominently displayed for the latest relaunch. Because the ice already experienced a comeback in 1995 and 2001. Taking the original 1970s appearance of Brauner Bär to heart and created the right bite to make the legendary caramel core visibly tangible. Even the classic Indian chief finds his appearance on the new pack again. The vast desert and the never-ending horizon invites you to dream. Whether it’s childhood memories or just a nice summer’s day is up to you.

The result is a modern and contemporary appearance by Brauner Bär, which incorporates parts of the original look and the original logo, thus combining old and new. In this way, the classic retains its well-known and beloved charm and guarantees the recognition tin the ice cream chest.


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